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Workshop of The Firebird, 2014

Workshop of The Firebird, 2014

The Firebird (full length)
3m, 3w
Dan comes home to the Brooklyn neighborhood of his youth with a mission: to stop his best friend Ricky from destroying himself. Ricky thinks he's the prince of the block, despite a looming debt and a creeping sense of danger all around. Pride, love, lust, and memory challenge whether either of them can outrun the fate coming to them.

  • World Premier production by Rising Sun Performance Company June 2015 (Planet Connections Festivity) directed by Brian Gillespie. Nominated for 5 Planet Connections Awards.

  • Development reading, Boomerang Theatre Company (2011)

Endless Summer Nights (2010), photo by Christopher Thomasson

Endless Summer Nights (2010), photo by Christopher Thomasson

Endless Summer Nights (full length)
3m, 3w
Sam is finally over Tracy, just as she returns unexpectedly to their quiet beach town. Having faced their past with humor and mercy, Sam and Tracy must now face their futures.

  • Full Production--Boomerang Theatre Company (2010)
  • **Critics Pick--nytheatre.com**
  • Published in Plays and Playwrights 2011
  • Developed with Oracle Theatre Company (2009)


The Messy Antigone Project (full length)
4m, 3w
Bryce Carter is scheduled to be executed on Saturday. His sister Marianne decides to erect a memorial to his life—near the location of his crimes—as a symbol of what her family is about to lose with Bryce’s death. But the town isn’t too keen on this plan. What will it cost Marianne to keep this shrine to her brother upright?

  • Developed thru Primary Stages/ESPA, mentored by Suzanne Bradbeer

Warm Roses (full length)
3m, 2w

Warm Roses is a free adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. Meg runs two Jersey Shore bed and breakfast inns left to her by her late husband. With the help of her son Marcus and best friend Joanie, she’s keeping the places afloat and most of her sanity. As another summer winds down in the long line of endless summers, Meg’s brother in law Terry and his young graduate assistant Oliver come to stay, upsetting the daily balance. With Terry’s arrival also comes the memory of Meg’s late husband and the losses she’s racked up along the way. As Labor Day approaches, Marcus prepares to leave home for school, Terry proposes a change to the current financial model, and Joanie makes a rash sexual advance that could have lasting consequences. In the middle of all of this remains Meg--at once lonely and in good company--as a bulwark against the changing moment in both her life and the life of her family. The end of summer sees all forces crash together in furious moments of loss and hilarity, desire and reticence, weakness and strength

  • Development reading, Lather Rinse Repeat (2014)
  • Development reading, Boomerang Theatre Company (2014)--Scott Ebersold, dir.

MEGA (full length)
2m, 2w
MEGA tells the story of Kerry, who wins 300 million dollars in the MegaMillions jackpot, and decides she wants to reunite with her ex boyfriend Darrin by offering him a life of wealth and unlimited choices. Darrin is currently involved with Abby, and they have recently discovered that Abby is pregnant. Kerry must choose how far she will pursue her own happiness at the expense of others, and how much her newfound wealth entitles her to. Complicating these issues is Max, Kerry’s brother-in-law and Darrin’s best friend, who attempts to broker both Kerry’s happiness and Darrin’s relationship, as long as both allow Max to get a piece of the newly won fortune.

  • Development workshop, Boomerang Theatre Company (2014)--Michelle Tattenbaum, dir.
  • Developed with Elephant Run District's STAMPEDE (2012)--Christopher Thomasson, dir.

Lies and Romance (full length)
3m, 4w
The lives of seven New Yorkers collide at a dinner party, where the hostess and her younger boyfriend are dealing with a health scare, another couple is deciding about having a child as a repair to their crumbling relationship, and a young woman takes a change on romance after a random meeting over hors d'oeuvres. 

  • Development reading, Boomerang Theatre Company (2009)

Short Plays
-How to Comfort a Crying Woman (1m, 1f)
-L'Hotel Perdu (1f)
-Dudes and Shoes (2m, 2f)
-A Bronx Love Song (2m, 1f)
-The Cardinal Rule (1m, 2f)

One Minute Plays
-Collarbones (1m, 1f)
-More than Words (1m, 1f)


For information on any of these plays, please email timerricksonplaywright@gmail.com