Tim Errickson

Stage Director/ Playwright/ Producer

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Michael Black, Theatre in the Now

"Playing like a Scorsese drama, The Firebird follows Danny as he returns to Brooklyn after his second mother Irene suspects some shady business from her son and husband. What's uncovered are secrets that could break apart a family as Ricky tries to be the hero in a world he can't save. Playwright Tim Errickson's piece is a gritty family drama that tackles familiar themes. Errickson does a phenomenal job structuring his play."

Reviewed by Martin Denton

"Directed by the estimable Tim Errickson, Donkey captures the current American moment about as well as any play I've come across in the past few years. It's loaded with riveting characters, genuine wisdom about the human condition, unbridled humor, and, when we least expect it, moments of authentic love and understanding that take the breath away."

Reviewed by Ron Cohen, backstage.com

"Director Tim Errickson's staging is incisive and fairly traditional and uses well the patch of park claimed as a stage…He scores with several imaginative touches, such as the big banners waved by ensemble members to evoke the cold and wind on the battlements of Elsinore when King Hamlet's ghost appears. The same banners are later used to form the arras behind which Polonius hides to spy on Hamlet's confrontation with his mother."

Reviewed by Peter Filichia, theatremania.com

 "Director Tim Errickson’s production is quite accomplished. He understands that what makes The Desk Set wonderful is how much all these women care for each other.  Errickson puts a lot of love in his production..."

Reviewed by Martin Denton
nytheatre.com review

 "Oberon Theatre Ensemble's revival of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love is revelatory. Director Tim Errickson and his consistently excellent cast of seven mine this early play by Canadian Brad Fraser for authentic emotional content, and as a result a work that always seemed to me to be nihilist and sensational now exhibits unexpected depth and humanity. It's also a ripping good show …Under Errickson's steady hand, the thing coheres into a searingly intimate portrait of young people finding their way and making all sorts of missteps and mistakes in the process."

Review by Seth Bisen-Hersh, OOBR

"Burning the Old Man is an exquisite new play by Kelly McAllister about the fire of the soul: how it burns, inflames, and then eventually gets extinguished. Thus, it tackles many facets of life and death. With a remarkable cast and solid direction, this production was moving and worth seeing…Director Errickson brought the play together seamlessly. The staging and pacing were apropos, and he succeeded in bringing out poignant, nuanced performances in his ensemble.  Burning the Old Man is an intelligent, touching play. The production did it justice with an awesome cast and creative team. McAllister is one of the most compelling, clever playwrights of his generation. Go see for yourself!"

Review by Doug DeVita, OOBR

“…The Oberon Theatre Ensemble's recent revival was an intelligent, acutely observed, and beautifully acted theatrical experience that transcended categorization. The performances were exciting, true, and fresh; the production was simultaneously funny and heartbreaking; it was well-paced and well-designed; and it could (and should) have been lifted in its entirety and transferred to the stage of the Booth Theatre, the Cherry Lane, or the Ahmanson (in L.A.) to sustain an extended open-ended run. Director Tim Errickson displayed an unerring sense of the piece that never failed the work, the actors, or the audience, and the entire evening reverberated with the thrill of the true meaning of the word revival: a life restored to full strength and validity…”